USB Voice Logger

USB Voice Logger

USB Voice Logger-The USB Voice Logger allows you to record phone conversations into a voice database through a USB port of your computer automatically. It also allows users to manage all stored recordings and information with its management software. Caller ID and pop up window give alert of all incoming calls


  • AVSL-01U
  • 01 Port Voice Logger
  • AVSL-02U
  • 02 Port Voice Logger
  • AVSL-04U
  • 04 Port Voice Logger
  • AVSL-08U
  • 08 Port Voice Logger

Product Features:USB Voice Logger

  • Auto record of all incoming and outgoing call as compressed .WAV files so you can hold on to them without taking up too much space in your computer or laptop
  • Record Unanswered Call number if not attended
  • Does not require batteries or any power source other than USB port of your Computer or Laptop
  • Call number filter. You can set some numbers in the special number list Option , when you make or receive calls from these numbers ,Ours voice logger will not record that calls
  • Searching of Previous Call Data by phone number, time, date, or even by customer name through the context storage id. This makes searching for Data much easier than other PC Phone Recorders.
  • Auto recording circularly If system hard disk will be fully occupied , it will delete previous record content so that system can operate continuously .
  • Call Management Advanced call management function-Can list ,print and statistical all incoming and outgoing call number .
  • Incoming call pop-up: Aegis Voice Logger provides an Incoming Pop-up alert facility. The pop-up will appear every time a call lands on any Extensions, with details of the customer/caller. The pop-up provides information Like Name of Customer, address and phone number , Previous Points of Discussion of the customer/ caller and helps the Extension user/ agent to promptly react to the caller. With the help of this facility you can update your customer data base
  • Client Server or LAN Query Aegis Logger available with Client Server Software . It is specially design for authorized person to listen ,Monitor , Download and Tag with remark any Online or Recorded File at own PC through LAN.
  • AGC and Auto Echo Cancellation Aegis Voice Logger have Auto Gain Control and Auto Echo Cancellation which give Crystal Clear Voice Recording
  • Emailing Recorded Phone Conversations You can save the phone conversation to your PC desktop or any other location, and then email as an attachment the recorded conversation.
  • FTP auto backup: After open FTP setting, it can backup the recording file to the PC by internet/LAN.

Technical Specification:

Recording channels


Recording interface

USB Port

Voice file


Recoding File Compression

8 Time

Start recording mode

timing, reversed polarity,keying,Voice Activated

Off hook detect voltage


On hook detect voltage


CID detected signal


CID detect intensity range

0 dB to –32dB

Affected Frequency range

100 Hz to 3400 Hz

Input impedance

600 ohms or5.1Mohms

Signal-to-crosstalk ratio

>70 dB

S/N ratio

>70 dB

Operating current


Maximum current


Rating power consumption


Operating Temperature

0℃ to 40℃

Operating Humidity

10% to 90 %


Connectors, software and User Manual CD

Minimum PC Requirement:USB Voice Logger

Operating System

Vista/Window XP/Window 7/Window 8


Pentium Dual Core


2 GB and above

Hard Disk

500 GB and Above

Connectivity Mode

USB Port

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