Aegis Mid Segment PBX

Aegis Mid Segment PBX

The Aegis Mid SegmentPBX is a great value for money, easy install, Feature rich telephone system (PBX). This PBX system is an ideal telephone system for Mid Segment offices.


  • 416
  • 4 P&T and 16 Extensions
  • 424
  • 4 P&T and 24 Extensions
  • 432
  • 4 P&T and 32 Extensions
  • 816
  • 8 P&T and 16 Extensions
  • 824
  • 8 P&T and 24 Extensions
  • 832
  • 8 P&T and 32 Extensions

Porduct Features:

  • Key Phone Connectivity
    System have provision to connect Maximum 4 key phone with the system
  • 3 different outgoing message (OGM)
    Any one of three OGM (user recordable greeting messages for (i) incoming calls, (ii) busy calls and (iii) calls with no answer) will be played according to the call status.
  • Flexible Direct/indirect CO line access
    CO lines can be accessed by dialing the phone number directly or indirectly by first dialing '0'.The PBX automatically allocates a free CO line for the user on a round robin basis or from CO Line 1 onwards.Additionally, a user can override the default PBX selection by picking a particular CO line for the outgoing call.
  • Secretary assisted dialing
    The secretary can dial an outside call from any extension and then transfer the call to another extension.
  • Manual transfer of a CO line call to another CO line.
    Incoming calls can be transferred to an external phone number manually.
  • Toll restriction scheme
    Outgoing long-distance calls can be disabled on any extension by restricting the dialing of certain numbers.
  • Password protected CO line calls
    Outgoing calls and long-distance dialing can be restricted by the use of password.
  • Time limited forced disconnect
    All outgoing calls can be programmed to disconnect after a certain period of time (in minutes).
  • CO line monitor
    Any CO line call can be monitor.
  • Caller Id transfer
    Caller Id is also transferred when the incoming call is transferred.
  • Automated attendant
    The automated attendant will attend to an incoming call by playing an OGM greeting message to the caller and then transfer the call to the appropriate extension according to the caller's input digits. If the called extension is busy or not answering, the appropriate OGM message will be played to inform the caller the status of the call.
  • Operator mode
    If incoming calls should be handled by an operator first, the incoming calls can be transferred automatically to a programmed extension with the attendant on duty/operator.Alternatively, the PBX can be programmed such that any incoming calls can ring all extensions with no "Do Not Disturb" turned on.
  • Do not disturb
    Extension with this feature turned on will not ring and the call will be transferred to another extension.
  • Call hold or Call hold transfer
    Incoming call can be put on hold or transferred from any extension without any limit even on misdials. Incoming caller listens to music during the on hold or thetransfer.
  • Secretary assisted transfer
    The secretary can first talk to the person at the extension requested by the caller before transferring the call (to avoid taking unnecessary calls.The incoming call will be redirected back to the extension first made the transfer if the person at the requested extension does not answer. The caller listens to music on hold during the transfer.
  • Transfer with no answer
    The caller listens to music on hold during the transfer.
  • Incoming call pick up
    Incoming calls can be answered from any extension.
  • Internal (Intercom) calls
    Intercom calls can be made between different extensions. The system supports up to 8 simultaneous calls (16 ports).
  • Compatible with most communication equipment
    The PBX can be connected to telephones, fax machines, computers and other communication equipment’s requiring an analog phone line.
  • Transfer if busy
    All Incoming calls will be transferred to another extension when the requested extension is busy.
  • CO line grouping
    CO lines can be programmed to be answered by certain group of extensions.
  • Three party conference call
    Three party conferencing for both incoming calls and intercom calls.
  • Incoming call alert
    Persons at the engaged extensions will hear a special tone alerting them that there is an incoming call.
  • External music on hold input
    External music source can be used to override the built-in music on hold.
  • Intercom call all extensions
    Any extension can ring all extension at once.
  • Password protected extension line
    Access to individual extension can be protected with password.
  • Power failure tolerant
    During a power failure 4 extensions remain functional for both intercom and CO line calls.

Technical Specification:

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