ASVL-32 Voice Logger

Can record the wired telephone up to 32 channels. With the networking facility, users can easily access the system via their own PC from within the office, a central maintenance centre or any place in the world with internet access.

Product Features:

  • Flexible Capacity:ASVL Series consists of the 19” main chassis unit which allows the integration of the Max. 32 channel interface of SLT or CO Line
  • Hard Disk Driver:With 500GB hard drives, the ASVL can record up to 15,000 channel hours.
  • Multi Recording Interface:ASVL Series Voice Recording system is capable of recording PSTN lines as well as radio communications
  • Network Access:The ASVL Series Voice Recorder is connected to the Network via a RJ45 LAN cable, The ASVL Series can easily be accessed by the Administrator or users with the client software “Client Server” on their own PC.
  • Multi-Level Users Authorization:The ASVL Series Voice Recorder full user management this gives the administrator full rights to open/edit/delete user accounts and define the access level of each user.
  • CDR function:The ASVL Series Voice Recording System can also record and report on Call details, such as call type, time & date, duration, telephone number. When a record is played back, all details of this call also show on the PC screen.
  • Multi-Conditional Search:Client Server provides a user-friendly interface and flexible way to access the recorded conversations. Users can key in a variety of cues such as part of phone number, date range, inbound/outbound, call duration, number dialed, call ID- or a mix of these cues to find the calls easily.
  • Live Call Monitoring:Administrators and the users who have authorization to do live monitoring are able to easily listen to a caller’s conversation live on their own PC with just one click on the channel icon.
  • Multi-Language User Interface:The Client Server has multiple language options that include: English, Arabic, Spanish, Thai, Turkey, Portuguese.
  • Phone Book:The ASVL Series Voice Recorder has a Phone book feature that provides a “match” feature between phone number and names. While users review the CDR records, it will show both the telephone numbers and the names
  • Pop-up Incoming Call Information:When an incoming call comes into the ASVL Series, the caller’s number and name will be pop-up on a small window on user’s PC. (Phone Book and Call ID dependant)
  • System Alarm:If the ASVL Series Voice Recorder encounters any abnormal problems, such as software issues or hard drive fails to write data, the system will generate an alert .
  • Statistic Chart:A simple yet useful statistics chart shows the number of calls of each day, and each hour. The calls are calculated in 3 categories: incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

Technical Specification:

Recording channels


Recording interface


Available hard disk capacity


Maximum Recording Time


Start recording mode

timing, reversed polarity,keying,Voice Activated

Off hook detect voltage


On hook detect voltage


CID detected signal


CID detect intensity range

0 dB to –32dB

Affected Frequency range

100 Hz to 3400 Hz

Input impedance

600 ohms or5.1Mohms

Signal-to-crosstalk ratio

>70 dB

S/N ratio

>70 dB

Input voltage


Input voltage range


Operating current


Maximum current


Rating power consumption


Battery type

2*12V/2C lead-acid batteries in series

Operating Temperature

0℃ to 40℃

Operating Humidity

10% to 90 %

Network interface



DC19v power adapter, software, User Manual

Dimension(L*W*H) CM


Packing dimension(L*W*H) CM


Net weight

4.8 Kg

Gross weight


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