Benefit of Voice Logger

Improve Business Operations

The cost for business operations continuously rises each year. It is important to streamline and properly structure your company so that costs are kept at a minimum and production time increases. With Aegis Voice Logger, you Can record and Monitor Calls from your employees, you can monitor and organize their workflow.

  • Increase Production and Business Efficiency
  • Monitor Employee Internal and External Calls Activity

Improve Quality Control

Quality Control testing is an important piece to any business .With Aegis Voice Logging Solution, managers and owners can monitor the daily interaction between employees and customer.

Reduce Business Liability

For every business there is some risk of liability. A customer dispute, a claim of mis-information, or a failure to adhere to specific regulations. All of these scenarios can be mitigated and in some instances completely avoided with a quality Call recording system. By monitoring and recording all inbound and outbound calls, businesses can reduce their liability by staying ahead of any potential conflicts. Most call recordings can be used in a court of law if required. No longer does it become a “he said, she said” scenario. Proof of all information exchanged via the phone is easily accessible with our powerful search features. Providing you a tool that protects your company 24/7.

Sales Training and Monitoring

A sales training tool that is usually overlooked is your call recording system. In an instant, you can listen to and monitor calls made by your sales team on the front lines. that show a positive or negative progression with your sales agent and have data to understand why they are failing or succeeding.

Customer Satisfaction – Recording Solution

customers are the backbone of any business . With the increase in social media and accessibility to computers and the internet; your customers now have a more powerful voice than ever before. For businesses this could be a scary thought, but for most, they see it as an opportunity. With so much competition and overwhelming amount of information on the world-wide-web, there is still one thing that can make a company stand out. When using a call recording system, you are on the front lines of your customer service department. Quickly discover problems and monitor employees who are not representing your business the way you see fit. With live monitoring and recording of calls, you can catch issues before they escalate.

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